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Synonym of Locked out

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Locked Out
"Locked Out" is a 1993 song by rock group Crowded House, from the group's fourth studio album Together Alone. It was released as a single in December 1993 and was part of the soundtrack to the American film Reality Bites. It was the most successful single from Together Alone, reaching #12 in the UK. The cover artwork features the four members of Crowded House in a mirror image, including Mark Hart. It is the only cover that Hart has appeared on.

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Babylon English-Turkish
locked out
kapıda kalmış, kapı yüzüne kapanmış, dışarıda bırakılmış; işsiz

Babylon English
locked out
had the door closed his face, was left out; unemployed

Babylon English-Arabic
locked out
مغلق خارجا, أغلق الباب بوجهه, ترك بالخارج; عاطل عن العمل

Babylon English-Hebrew
locked out
נשאר בחוץ, סגרו את הדלת בפניו; מושבת

Babylon English-French
locked out
est resté dehors, on lui a fermé la porte au nez, a trouvé porte close; en grève

Babylon English-Spanish
locked out
Se quedó en la calle, Le cerraron la puerta

Babylon English-Italian
locked out
è restato fuori, lo hanno lasciato fuori

Babylon English-German
locked out
ausgesperrt, ausgeschlossen, Tür vor einem verschlossen

Babylon English-Portuguese
locked out
trancado do lado de fora, fecharam a porta na cara dele; desempregado

Babylon English-Dutch
locked out
buitengesloten, uitgesloten

Babylon English-Danish
locked out
lukket ude, fik døre smækket i for næsen af ham, blev efterladt ude; arbejdsløs

.:Mas_NDon English Indonesian Dictionary
locked out
menutup rapat
my child #12

Babylon English-Swedish
locked out
utelåst, utestängd

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
lock out
(v.) = aislar, apartar.
Ex: This article examines the role of public library trustees who appear to live on the fringes of the library profession, locked out of the decision making mainstream.

English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
locked out
bloqueado | trancado por dentro | trancado por fuera | con doble pestillo | con seguro doble | dejado afuera | dejado por fuera | con entrada impedida | sin empleo

lock out
v.- bloquear | trancar por dentro | trancar por fuera | poner doble pestillo | cerrar con seguro doble | dejar afuera | dejar por fuera | impedir la entrada | dejar sin empleo

English-German Online Dictionary
locked out

Diccionari Anglès - Català
lock out
v deixar tancat -ada a fora (accidentalment o deliberadament)

lock out
1 [accidentally] dejar fuera al cerrar accidentalmente la puerta;
to lock oneself out
quedarse fuera (por olvidarse la llave dentro).
2 [deliberately] dejar fuera a.

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