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Synonym of Badass

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Badass may refer to:

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Baadasssss! is a 2003 American biopic, written, produced, directed by, and starring Mario Van Peebles. The film is based on the struggles of Van Peebles' father Melvin Van Peebles (played by Mario himself), as he attempts to film and distribute Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, a film that was widely credited with showing Hollywood that a viable African-American audience existed, and thus influencing the creation of the Blaxploitation genre. The film also stars Joy BryantNia LongOssie DavisPaul RodriguezRainn Wilson, and Terry Crews.

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Dizionario inglese-italiano 1.0.012
[slang volgare USA] IRASCIBILE. [slang volgare USA] CON UN BRUTTO CARATTERE. [slang volgare USA] PERSONA LITIGIOSA. [slang volgare USA] DURO. [slang studentesco USA] ECCELLENTE. [slang studentesco USA] FIGO

Babylon English-Turkish
s. (Argo) agresif kimse, belalı kimse, baş belası; geçinmesi zor kimse; kaba; çok etkileyici, çok çarpıcı; güçlü etkisi olan
i. (Argo) agresif kimse, belalı kimse, baş belası, sinirli kimse; sert kimse

Babylon English Dictionary
adj. (Slang) bad-tempered; aggressive (of a person); difficult to deal with (of a person); mean; very impressive; having powerful effect
n. (Slang) person who is bad-tempered, hot tempered person; aggressive person; tough guy

Babylon English-Arabic
ص. (العامية) مشاكس‚ حاد المزاج; من الصعب التعامل معه (شخص); شرير; مثير للاعجاب; شديد التأثير
أ. (العامية) شخص مشاكس‚ حاد المزاج; شخص اعتدائي‚ شرس; رجل صلب

Babylon English-Hebrew
(ת') (סלנג) תוקפני (אדם); שקשה להתמודדד עמו (אדם); שפל, נבזה, רע; מרשים ביותר

Babylon English-Spanish
adj. (Jerga) de mal temperamento; agresivo (sobre una persona); difícil para tratar (sobre una persona); mesquino, miserable, agarrado; muy impresionante; de efecto poderoso
s. (Jerga) persona de mal humor; persona agresiva

Babylon English-French
adj. mauvais tempérament, mauvaise humeur; morose, aggressif

Babylon English-Italian
agg. (Slang) persona irritabile, persona irascibile; un tipo duro; molto impressionante; che produce grande effetto
s. (Slang) persona irritabile, persona irascibile; un tipo duro

Babylon English-German
adj. (Slang) schlechten Charakters; agressiv (eine Person); schwer umgänglich; gemein; eindrucksvoll, beeindruckend
n. (Slang) schlechtgelaunte Person, hitzköpfige Person; aggressive Person; Brutalo

Babylon English-Japanese
(形) (俗語)短気な; 攻撃的な(人が); 関わるのが難しい(人が); 維持の悪い; 印象的な; 力強い
(名) (俗語)短気な人; 攻撃的な人; タフな人

Babylon English-Portuguese
adj. (Gíria) de mau humor; agressivo; pessoa difícil de se lidar; pessoa que tem influência
s. (Gíria) mau-humorado, pessoa que está de mau humor; pessoa agressiva

Babylon English-Dutch
bn. (Slang) slecht gehumeurd; agressief (m.b.t. persoon); moeilijk (met persoon) mee om te gaan; gemeen; indrukwekkend; heeft een krachtig effect

Babylon English-Danish
adj. (Slang) arrig, aggressiv (en person), svær at håndtere (om en person); meget imponerende; under kraftig virkning
n. (Slang) badass, person der er i dårligt humør, hærdet person, aggressiv person; hård fyr

English-Russian Lingvistica'98 dictionary
(n) задира
(0) забияка

Babylon English-Norwegian
adj. (slang) person med kort lunte; tøff eller aggressive fyr
s. (slang) person med kort lunte; tøff eller aggressiv fyr

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 13.5
(n./adj.) = cabrón, malaleche, canalla, de cojones, de puta madre, de mucho cuidado.

Def: Nombre.
Ex: In the hardscrabble times of the Bible, where there were plagues, invasions from foreign powers, and swarms of locusts, you pretty much had to be a badass.

(adj.) = de cojones, de puta madre, de mucho cuidado.

Def: Adjetivo usado generalmente en sentido positivo.
Ex: You can think of Homer as a badass literary ninja who wailed out a lyre solo so face-melting that it was remembered for the rest of history, and then dropped a smoke bomb and back-flipped out of sight forever.

Англи-Монгол толь -
n. сл. зодооч, їймээний эзэн

idioms dictionary
آشوبگر،سفت،خيلي خوب،بد،مرد خشن،گستاخ

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