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Synonym of As always

Babylon English-Turkish
as always
her zamanki gibi, daima olduğu gibi, alışıldığı gibi

Babylon English
as always
like always, as usual

Babylon English-Arabic
as always
كما هو الحال دائما, كالعادة

Babylon English-Hebrew
as always
כמו תמיד, כרגיל

Babylon English-French
as always
comme toujours

Babylon English-Spanish
as always
como siempre, como es normal

Babylon English-Italian
as always
come sempre

Babylon English-German
as always
wie immer, wie üblich

Babylon English-Japanese
as always

Babylon English-Portuguese
as always
como sempre

Babylon English-Dutch
as always
zoals altijd

Babylon English-Danish
as always
som altid

Universal Word: Hindi Essential
हमेशा की तरह
[ hameśā kī taraha || hamesha ki tarah ]
as always
(icl>as usual)

.:Mas_NDon English Indonesian Dictionary
as always
sebagaimana biasa
my child #01

Babylon English-Swedish
as always
som vanligt, som alltid

An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4
as always
= como siempre, como de costumbre, como es habitual, como es normal.
Ex: As always, our members are ready to speak out clearly if the Cuban authorities dare to seize any of the uncensored books being sent to Cuba by President Carter.

Babylon English-Russian
as always
как всегда

English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
as always
como de costumbre | como es normal | como siempre

Diccionari Anglès - Català
as always
loc com sempre

adv sempre
as always com sempre

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