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Synonym of Argon laser

Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia
Ion laser
An ion laser is a gas laser which uses an ionized gas as its lasing medium. Like other gas lasers, ion lasers feature a sealed cavity containing the laser medium and mirrors forming a Fabry–Pérot resonator. Unlike HeNe lasers, the energy level transitions that contribute to laser action come from ions. Because of the large amount of energy required to excite the ionic transitions used in ion lasers, the required current is much greater, and as a result all but the smallest ion lasers are water-cooled. A small air-cooled ion laser might produce, for example, 130 mW of light with a tube current of 10A @ 105V. This is a total power draw over 1 kW, which translates into a large amount of heat which must be dissipated.

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De Nederlandstalige Wikipedia - De vrije encyclopedie
Een ionlaser is een gaslaser waarbij het actief medium uit een geïoniseerd gas bestaat. Voorbeelden zijn de argonlaser en de kryptonlaser. De laser wordt gepompt door een elektrische boogontlading doorheen het gas. Het gas wordt door de ontlading eerst geïoniseerd. Het gas bevindt zich in een afgesloten buis. Aan de uiteinden van de buis bevinden zich dikwjls brewstervensters voor polarisatie van het licht. Een ionlaser is niet heel efficiënt, maar wel betrouwbaar. Hij is dus niet te maken in hoge vermogens.

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Wikipedia Deutsch - Die freie Enzyklopädie
  1. WEITERLEITUNG Argon-Ionen-Laser

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Wikipedia in italiano - l'enciclopedia libera
Laser a ioni di argon
Il laser a ioni di argon è un laser a ioni il cui mezzo attivo è costituito da ioni di argon e krypton.

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Русская Википедия - свободная энциклопедия
Аргоновый лазер
Аргоновый лазер — непрерывный газовый лазер, который способен излучать свет в различных длинах волн синего и зеленого диапазонов.

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THE Eng-Cro Dictionary
Argon laser
Argon laser  

argon laser
argonski laser  

THE Cro-Eng Dictionary
Argon laser
Argon laser

argon laser
‎ ليزر الأَرْغُون‎

Free English-Vietnamese Dictionary
argon laser
argon laser
  • (Tech) bộ kích quang agon

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    EH Dictionary (HR-EN)
    Argon laser
    Argon laser

    Từ điển Anh - Việt
    argon laser#


    ▪ bộ kích quang agon

    English_Spanish by Jaime Aguirre
    argon laser
    láser de argón

    EH Dictionary (EN-HR)
    Argon laser
    Argon laser

    argon laser
    argonski laser

    saja english to turkish dictionary v.2
    argon laser
    argon lazeri

    Erzin English-Turkish Dictionary
    argon laser
    argon lazeri

    English-Türkçe Sözlük
    argon laser
    argon lazeri

    English-Croatian Dictionary
    argon laser
    argonski laser

    Mustafa YILDIZ's English to Turkish Dictionary
    argon laser
    argon lazeri


    elec erfan
    argon laser
    latin: argon laser
    farsi: ليزر آرگني نوعي ليزر گازي با استفاده از آرگن يونيده براي تابشهاي پرتوان در 0/488 ميکرومتر و زير قرمز.

    Unified Dentistry Dictionary
    argon laser
    ليزر الأَرْغُون

    Macular Degeneration Glossary
    Argon Laser
    laser light produced from argon gas. Nine separate wavelengths in the blue-green visible light spectrum are produced, but the main wavelengths are 488.0 nm blue and 514.5-nm pea green light.

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